Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery Information: 

     Please select the correct shipping rate at checkout to avoid delays to your order. UK shipping is determined by volume of order and is calculated at checkout. If you are unsure which rate to select please contact us before purchase. 

UK Shipping rates:

Under 1m - £2.70

1-4m  -  £4.30

5-10m  - £8.50

11-20m  - £11.00

Orders above 20m will be invoiced separately.

International orders will be invoiced separately for shipping once the fabric has arrived with us; invoices will be sent via the email address provided at checkout. 

We also have shipping hosts available in the USA and Norway; this allows customers to purchase and then split shipping and duties costs between a group thereby reducing the costs, and then pay domestic shipping to the host. PLease make sure that if you select this option you are a member of the appropriate Host Facebook group for updates.